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OneSoil entered the Top 25 Agri-tech Companies in 2021

OneSoil, portfolio investment Kolos Ventures, was included in the annual list of world’s most promising AL/ML Startups and entered the Top 25 Agri-tech Companies in 2021 according to

With the help of its technologies, OneSoil, startup with Belarusian roots, has been helping farmers with precision farming around the world for more than 4 years: scout fields, share notes, plan and apply differentiated seeding and differentiated fertilization, socialize with other farmers, review field history and much more.

The project attracted the attention of Kolos Ventures by fast building its farmer and active area data base exceeding investors’ expectations. Its product strategy driven by farmer feedback which makes the data validated and valuable in the eyes of industry players selling inputs and services to the farmers. As well as a wide growth potential: entering farm input supply market and farm product market via enabling a direct-to-farmer marketplaces, as well as an emerging direct-farm-to- consumer marketplace.

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